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How to perform factory reset via Orbit Portal

Factory reset can be reset to factory default.

By performing factory reset, the device will be updated with latest OS version, the Zoom App version may not installed with the latest version. In that case, please update from Zoom portal. Also, depending on your network, you may need to reconfigure your network.


  • DTEN GO with Mate

Note : DTEN D7 cannot be factory reset via Orbit portal.

Procedure : Orbit Portal

  1. Login the Orbit portal.(​https://orbit.dten.com
  2. Go to [Device Management]→[Manage Device].
  3. From the list of devices under management, select the device you want to reset.
  4. Click the [Settings] tab.
  5. Click [Factory Reset].
DTEN Orbit画面
  1. This will prompt a confirmation page, after you click “Yes”, the device will start the factory reset process.
DTEN Orbitリセット画面

Note: It will not perform the Factory reset when the meeting is in progress. It will only reset when there is no meeting in progress. 

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