DTEN D7-en

How to Log into Windows on the DTEN D7 System

Method 1

  1. Plugin the Windows-layout wired keyboard onto the PC’s blue USB port (the rear, top-left port).
  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and you will see the following screen and you will be brought to the Windows lock screen.​ 
  1. Click on “Sign Out” and select “Zoom Admin”

Note: Zoom Rooms will start one more time. To exit Zoom Rooms, tap on the screen and press on “Exit” on the bottom left.

The password the account is:

  • Zoom Admin account:Zoom1234
  • Zoom account:Zoom123

Method 2

  1. Touch the D7 display and click on the Settings button
  2. In the Settings view, select the General tab on the left side
  3. Select the Windows Settings option to exit D7 into Windows Interface
  4. Select “Zoom Admin” → enter Zoom1234 to enter the Window Interface 

Note : Do not change Zoom Admin password.

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