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What are the differences between D7 55 Series 1 and Series 2?

How to identify the series of your hardware?

There are various ways to identify the hardware series,

  • D7 Series 1: DB0355
  • D7 Series 2: DB50455

The following characteristics are unique to Series 2 devices

  • Matte display
  • No DTEN logo display light at the bottom 
  • No Rs232 commands port   

D7 55” Series 1 

D7 55″/75″ Series 2

What new changes were made in the Series 2 hardware?  

  • Matte display 
  • No DTEN logo display light at the bottom 
  • Rs232 commands through USB Port

What is the new software? 

  • Series 1:Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version1607 (Windows LTSC v1607)
  • Series 2:Windows 10 IoT Enterprise version1809 (Windows LTSC v1809)

Is DTEN discontinuing Series 1 production?


Are there any changes with the specs on D7 55 Series 2? 

All the capabilities, camera system, audio system, inputs and outputs, power, VESA, product dimensions, package dimensions, package weight, operating temperature, remain the same.

Is DTEN discontinuing models with RS232 control?

We are updating the RS232 commands through the USB connector/USB port.

Are there any differences in firmware version numbers? 

The version numbers will be different for each series. If there is a new release, we will announce it in the release notes. 

Are there any changes to the user interface? 

Initially, the user interface between DTEN D7 Series 1 & Series 2 will be slightly different.  Starting with DTEN D7 firmware version 1.8, the user interface will be the same.

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